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Summer Camp Writing Promt #3

The third prompt from Ashley's Summer Camp! This one ends July 3rd. And the prompt IS:

Well, ok, look....I had some difficulty with this one. I didn't know what to write. Nothing seemed quite right. Except for one idea that I dismissed several times, because I doubted anyone here would appreciate it but me.

I don't know. Any of you guys Markiplier fans?

Anyway, the Markiplier idea won out in the end. My brain simply wouldn't allow me to write anything else!


The cold bricks of the tunnel wall snagged the back of Mark’s sweaty t-shirt and grabbed at his hair. Stale air clogged his lungs as he waited in a crouch and tried not to breathe. The gate to freedom taunted him from the left. He could see the emergency escape ladder through the bars! But he didn’t have the keys. And to the right?

A skeletal creature shuffled slowly closer, its rotting flesh shredded in places, revealing stark white bones.  Its head was a misshapen growth, a giant beak-like protrusion forming a hideous mouth. Above the beak, two red eyes glowed; unseeing slits. Its hands dangled at uneven lengths, each finger ending in a pointed claw.

A Moleman, or so Mark called them. One of many that roamed the ever-changing tunnels.  What were they? Where did they come from? He didn’t know, but he feared that if he didn’t escape soon, he would become one.

The creature lumbered closer, and the smell hit Mark like a wave. It was unbearable; a stench so sickly sweet with putrefaction Mark thought he might vomit. Go away go away go away. I have to find the keys; go away.

The Moleman was dangerously close now. Mark could see the dim light of his last glowstick reflected in the creature’s useless eyes. His legs began to ache from the prolonged crouch, but he didn’t dare shift his weight. Please go away; I don’t want to die.

The creature slowed, halting right in front of him.

The entire tunnel was slick with moisture. It crept through the back of Mark's shirt and up the soles of his worn shoes. A spider crawled over his hand, tickling his skin. Yet he remained utterly still. The Moleman swayed slightly on the spot, listening into the darkness.

Finally, the creature turned around, its claws scratching white lines on the wall mere inches from Mark’s head. Its undulating gait began to take it back up the tunnel, away from Mark. Two steps. Three steps. Four. Five.

Mark allowed himself a slow exhale as relief thudded through his veins. A few more steps, and he would stand up. He could make it to the next branch of the tunnel; lose the Moleman. Find the keys.

Then the dust and mold, the dank air, the smell--! It all swirled together in a sudden and toxic mix that aggravated Mark’s senses. In an inescapable fit, his body betrayed him, and he sneezed.

The sound echoed down the passage, and there was a single second of dead silence. 

The last thing Mark heard was an inhuman shriek. The last thing he saw was crumbling brick inching past his eyes, as he was dragged down the endless halls into blackness.

Well, that was a change from my last two, that's for sure! ^.^ Hope it wasn't too dark for any of you. But we're mostly all writers here, right? We're used to literary murder. And this is taken from a game, if that helps. Here's the video, if you're interested. 8:09 - 9:35. 

ANYWAY, if you haven't joined the prompt yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? It's loads of fun, and a chance to get your creative juices flowing, without having to do those pesky things like figuring out a plot, or knowing how everything works. So hop on over to Ashley's blog and sign up! 

Or don't. Y'know. You do you. 

*whispers* but you're missing out!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Product Review - Mini Book Necklace, from PaperFuryInk on Etsy

So, you know Cait, over at Paper Fury? Spazzy YA fangirl, soon to be queen of the world? Yes. Did you know she also has an Etsy shop? Well, you do now! She sells gorgeous origami flower creations, and the most adorable mini book necklaces ever.

Back in March, I decided to buy one of these necklaces. Very affordable, less than 10 dollars! Anyway, she has a list of styles to select from, OR you can request a different cover for the same price. If you have a specific picture you want on the cover, you can send it along with the request (that's what I did).

I wanted a Sherlock Holmes cover which, at the time, wasn't listed. So I sent a request to Cait, who responded very promptly, answered all my questions, and was (of course) super friendly.  The details were cemented, and a mere day later, my item was shipped! And after approximately 3 weeks (the typical shipping time from Australia to Canada), I got it. And what a pretty thing it is:

the picture she sent me

here it is in my home

here it is lookin' sexy with my nicest SH copy

and here it is on me!

Well, it only took me THREE MONTHS (and Sunny's suggestion to make a post) before I finally made this post: that's not too bad. XD

In Conclusion:
Customer service: 5/5, very friendly, very helpful
Shipping time: 5/5, exactly what I was told it would be, product arrived intact
Picture vs reality: 5/5, the way it looks is the way it is, unlike a hamburger in a commercial

Overall satisfaction: Excellent, couldn't be happier.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Look at the Book - Eon, and Eona, by Alison Goodman


EON - In a world where women are basically dirt, where crippled people are bad luck, and where slavery, superstition, and violence abound, one crippled slave chick disguised as a boy is trying to gain a really dangerous, literally life-sucking position of power as a dragon conduit.
When things backfire, and then thrust forward full speed, Eon must fret and pout and snap and bluff his/her way through political intrigue and stuff, all the while being a total moron about the really obvious answer to his/her problem. Whoops, lots of death happened! On to the next book!

EONA - More death! More pouting! More fretting! More lying! More danger! More dragons! Oh look, we're almost at chapter 3.
Now that the crap has hit the fan, things are worse than ever for Eona, who finally figured out what she needed to do after being told point-blank by another character who is a zillion times smarter than our heroine. Now Eona gets to have her mind slowwwly twisted by a lust for power, encouraged by the smarmy a-hole who tried to rape her TWICE.
Oh look, an uncomfortable love story with the emperor, filled with more lies and deceit and fear and anger.
But! A shocking turn at the end, and a climax that keeps building, will thrill you, and leave you wondering, " many people died over the course of these two books? And what's gonna happen with those two friends, and that relation? Will those other two get married? Will the land still be a basically terrifying and oppressive place to live? Why did the author have to kill that one particular person?"


Eon/a - OH. MY. GAWSH. JUST GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF! YOU KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, AND IF YOU DON'T, THEN YOU'RE A FREAKING IDIOT! but seriously now. You really root for this chick at first. Then you want to slap her, frequently, and with force.

Ryko - Really cool dude, but needs to lay off on the whole "omg you hurt my pride, pride is all I have, let me die with honor," type thing that he does a lot.

Dela - Like the awesomest character, in my opinion. And not enough screen time, also in my opinion.

Kygo - Too much birthright, but a pretty good guy, considering.

Others - a lot of people come and go AND DIE THERE'S LOTS OF DEATH HERE YESSIREE not nearly on a Game of Thrones level, but still. Death abounds.


The worldbuilding is absolutely marvelous, it will totally draw you in, even if the world itself makes you quite uncomfortable sometimes.


What? A five? After all that complaining? Well, maybe a four and a half, if I'm being picky about an indecisive MC. It's so well written, the characters are all their own people, the plot is clever, and like I said, the worldbuilding was AMAZING, very extensive. So yeah, five out of five. :)

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Favorite Book Characters Tag

Remember when I did that screen characters tag? Well, this is the exact same thing, but with books! I was tagged by the lovely Emily @ Emily Etc. for this round of faves.

The rules are simple. Link back to the person who tagged you, list your top ten favorite characters (from books, in this case), and tag 10 people! Or don't, because tagging is hard. ^.^

On to the list! I only did seven, because this one was MUCH harder to do than the tv one. X) Once again, these are in no particular order.


Sherlock Holmes

Of course! I love the original Holmes stories. He's probably my favorite fictional character ever, whether in screen or book form. Here's my little Sherlock-Holmes-type collection:

Top tier, left to right: a Holmes-themed hidden object game, seasons 1&2 of Elementary, the two RDJ movies, seasons 1-3 of BBC's Sherlock, the complete collection of Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Bottom tier, left to right; The Hound of the Baskervilles/The Sign of Four, A Study in Sherlock (not canon), The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, the Return of Sherlock Holmes, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sunny gave me a better copy of this once, BUT DO YOU THINK I CAN FIND IT?? No.)
Not pictured; a game called Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment that we downloaded from the PlayStation Store that was actually REALLY good, and a couple of really old (and not by Doyle) books that haven't been touched for many years and are covered in dust. 


ANYWAY! Yeah. Sherlock. Love him. XD

Edmund Merrick

He's in the back, there. Only picture of him that there is, but oh well. ;) I just love this book, and Merrick is like the best part of it. He's so cool! A reformed pirate trying to live for God, now with a commission from the governor to fight enemy ships, who finds a lady stranded on an island and must protect her from his crew? What's not to love? Plus, he's ripped *COUGH* I mean.....intelligent. Yes, both of those. XD

Captain Valithor

From The Door Within trilogy.

This picture is pretty close to what I imagine when I read these books. A sword though, not a mace. 
Although older, the Captain is by no means slower or weaker than the soldiers he trains, and he takes no crap from anyone, either. He also has the BEST, most ridiculous insulting terms to call his underlings. Let me give you an example or two:

"ON YOUR FEET! You beslobbering, beef-witted barnacles!"
"Thou errant, earth-vexing mumbler!"
"Thou weepy sack of wraith-clottle!"

And so on. The Captain always seems to be yelling, but he's got a big heart full of compassion to go along with his selfless bravery and shrewd intelligence. He's definitely worthy of his position.

Abby Kendall

I used to LOVE these books when I was younger. I still do love them, though I haven't read them in a long time. Abby is the main character of this series, and man do you root for her. She's sweet, spirited, smart, and....slow. Literally. Her legs just can't get up to speed, and she tires very fast. Not because she's out of shape, but because....that's just the way she's built! 
Which makes the stakes of these books all the higher, because she is constantly needing to run away from people. Kidnappers, murderers, pirates, enraged tribesmen, DRAGONS (no, these are not fantasy books). She's got to use her wits to outsmart people, rather than outrunning them. 
Oh, and you know how not a lot of books today have actual functional families? These books have that, and it's awesome. They're a really fun read, every time. ^.^

Millard Nullings

I really like the Peculiar Children books. They're so interesting, and so well done! In a house full of "peculiar children," Millard is probably my fave. He's got sass and snark, and he's pretty darn smart, also. He's almost always naked, but what's the use of being invisible if your clothes give you away?

Elizabeth Bennet

Gotta go with a classic! For being a woman with a mind and will of her own in a time when an advantageous marriage was all a woman was expected to strive for,  Elizabeth Bennet wins the Awesome Award. Yes, she still got married, and to a very wealthy man (spoilers lol) but because there was mutual love, not because one of them wanted the other. 

Nancy Drew

The audacious, snoopy hero (you know what? girls can be heroes. I hate the word "heroine." Because you know what that is? A REALLY BAD DRUG.) of oh so many stories over the years. AND LOOK AT ALL MY NANCY DREW GAMES YAY!

I'm slowly, slowwwly working on collecting (or at least playing) all of them. ^.^

Oh, and here's all our Nancy Drew books, too. XD

There's some Hardy Boys there, too. X)

Whew! I kept forgetting about this tag, and then having a mini heart attack when I remembered, like, "OH NO I FORGOT THE TAG!" So, here it is, Emily! :D Sorry there's only 7. X)

As for tagging, anyone who wants to ramble about their favorite characters is certainly welcome to do this! It's free to all! *throws the tag into the wind like confetti and watches you sputter as it hits your face*

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Camp Writing Prompt #2

Time for Ashely's second writing prompt! You can check out my story for the first prompt here.

This prompt expires on June 19th, so there's still time to sign up! :D The prompt is this:

My first thought was romance. You know, exes running into each other and pretending to ignore the other person's existence. Or something like that. But I'm no good at writing romance, and so I went with my second thought. Enjoy!

A rustle of fabric told Amelia that someone had taken the seat opposite her. A breach of propriety; they should have asked for permission first.

“What fine weather we’re having. Don’t you think, madam?” asked a male voice.

Amelia raised her eyes from the book she wasn’t really reading to acknowledge the gentleman. “Yes, though perhaps a bit cold for June.” 

Not true, she was already sweltering in the stuffy heat of the train car. Even the lighter fabric of her afternoon summer dress could not stop sweat from gathering under her corset. She took in the man’s tailored travelling suit. Stylish, but too heavy for this weather.

The man returned her scrutiny. “Perhaps, but it makes one appreciate the warmer weather when it comes ‘round.”

Amelia nodded and crossed her right leg over her left one. The gentleman did the same. He opened a newspaper and held it up. Amelia turned her eyes back down to her book.

“Is it not ludicrous,” the gentleman murmured from behind his paper, “What they make us do? All these precautions?”

“Mmm.” Amelia didn’t look up, “It is for the best, as I believe you know. I trust you have the codes?”

“Straight to business, then? Very well. Do pay close attention.”

Amelia shushed him. A tense pause ensued, in which they both pretended to be very absorbed in their respective reading materials while the conductor passed them by.

The gentleman flicked his eyes over the rest of the train car before returning them to his paper. “The first code is 7-8-6-2. You’ll need that for the safe. The strongbox inside has a special locking mechanism that requires both a code and a key. The code is 2-5-7-0. The key you’ll have to get on your own. I trust you can handle that?”

Amelia committed the numbers to memory with the ease that comes with constant practice, casually turning a page in her book.  She felt the train slow down underneath her. “Yes, we know where it is. The rest is easy.”

“Careful, madam. Nothing is easy. I would hate for you to become another victim of our line of work.” The train came to a jolting halt. “It was nice doing business with you. Our organizations should cooperate more often, I think.”

Amelia closed her book and looked up. The gentleman was gone, his paper still on the seat. She had not caught his name, but that was just as well. It was safer for both of them that they each remain anonymous. It was safer that they parted as they had met; merely strangers on a train.

And there you have it! In case it wasn't clear (I'm never sure if my writing actually conveys what I'm thinking), they were spies in like the 1890s, or some such time. XD These prompts are really fun, and I think you aaalllll should join! ^.^ 

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Beautiful People - Parental Edition

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Beautiful People linkup, hosted by the fabulous Cait at Paper Fury and Sky at Further Up and Further In. If you don't know what it is, go check out the links! They'll tell ya. ^.^

On one hand, I feel kind of silly doing this writing-related post, since I haven't written in my book for quite a while (Long story short, I'm lazy, and easily distracted. Shush). But on the other hand....these things are so much fun! And maybe it'll inspire me to get back to writing. ;)

I'll focus on my male MC, as per ushe. Say hi to Rolf again. :P

Also, when I did the villain edition, I didn't actually give you much information, because I wanted to be secretive, and not spoil things. Well, the odds are astronomically long that this story will ever see print, much less reach your hands and eyes, sooooo, I'll just spill all the secrets this time around. ^.^

1. Do they know both their biological parents? Why/why not?
Nope! Cliche as it may be, Rolf's parents were killed when he was a baby, and he was raised by his godfather. Why? Well, let me give you a quick bit of my Fantasy World History:

Rolf's father was an elf, and his mother was human.
The humans and the elves were at war.
This was a bad time to give into true love, but they did anyway.
They kept it secret long enough to have a son.
They were found out.
Rolf's mother gave him to their closest friend and confidant, Boros, and made him promise to take care of the child.
Rolf's mother and father were executed by the elven soldiers for the respective crimes of Being a Human and Being in League with a Human.
Boros told anyone who asked that the child had been his late sister's, and no one looked twice. 

Ta Da! A tragic backstory, made to order. 

2. Have they inherited any physical resemblances from their parents?
Physically (at least where ears are concerned) Rolf takes after his father, which is a blessing for him. His traditional pointed ears have kept people from suspecting his half-human heritage. 
As for things he may have gotten from his mother.....I haven't decided yet. I only thought up this particular tragic backstory when I first read these questions. It fits remarkably well, though! 

3. What’s their parental figure(s) dress style? Add pictures if you like!
I have two pictures for Boros. So, you take this face:

And put it on this body, removing the stupidly long sword and hair:

And that's mostly what he looks like. He wears a lot of dark, fantasy-warrior-type clothes. He's a Spymaster, you see. 

4. Do they share any personality traits with their parental figures? And which do they take after most?
Rolf inherited personality traits from both his biological parents, and they were both gentle, quiet people. Which would be fine, except Boros is raising him as his own (as promised), and that includes grooming him to take over as Spymaster someday. Gentleness and assassinations (which are included in the job description of this particular position) don't mix well. 

5. Do they get on with their parental figure(s) or do they clash?
Boros is a pretty stern, intense guy. But Rolf gets on fairly well with him, considering. He mostly just wants to be out from under Boros' shadow. 

6. If they had to describe their parental figure(s) in one word, what would it be?
Strong. Strong in mind, body, opinion....

7. How has their parental figure(s) helped them most in their life?
Well, saving Rolf's life, for one thing. And for teaching him spycraft, which will come in veeerryyy handy for Rolf over the course of the story. 

8. What was their biggest fight with their parental figure(s)?
*completely blanks* Hmmm......y'know......I don't think they've really had a fight. Not a big one, anyway. I don't know for certain, but I'm pretty sure that Rolf isn't as confrontational as perhaps he should be. But I can't be sure. I feel like my interpretation of Rolf changes every time I answer questions about him. XD Whoops! I guess I just don't know him as well as I should. ;)

9. Tracing back the family tree, what nationalities are in their ancestry?
In Boros' ancestry? Elf and human, just like Rolf. (Shhh, don't tell anyone). That's why he was willing to not only overlook Rolf's parents' (I don't think they have names yet, oops) "treason," but also why he was willing to take in Rolf. Yay for rare displays of sympathy! 

10. What’s their favourite memory with their parental figure(s)?
Probably this one time, on one of Rolf's birthdays (I haven't quite figured out the lifespan/aging process for my elves, so idk exactly how old Rolf was when this happened, but if he was a human he probably would have been 12), when Boros took him up onto the city's wall to see Beneath (the elf city is in the sky, if you didn't know, to separate them from the humans and other races that live on the ground). Boros told Rolf about his own firsthand experiences with the war, and with the lands and people Beneath. Then they went and got pudding! :D

And there you have it! My answers to questions about a story that's been glaring at me from the proverbial shelf for many months. Well well, at least I have no misconceptions about being a bestselling author. I just write because it's fun! And this linkup is fun, so you should do it! :D Not a writer? Hey, maybe you could answer these questions as regards to your real-life parental figures. That'd be cool. :)

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Summer Camp Writing Prompt #1

The fabulous Ashley over at [insert title here] made up a writing game for the summer! She picks a prompt, and we write! Awesome! :D

This week's prompt (I literally got this in at the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT, but don't worry, there'll be another one!) is this:

The stories I've seen have people wanting to go hang out with their beloved humans again, but my mind conjured a different story.....


Thallion, King of the Universal Realms and Guardian of the Twelve Races, watched his young protégé putter around the spherical Observatory room. Something was up. The stars that wheeled around the palace whispered that something was out of place.

Thallion glared at the younger god’s back, certainty rising. “Nex…the Infinity Keys are all in the vault, correct?”

Nex glanced back over his shoulder at his mentor, still shining a lens for the Dimensional Telescope. “Yeah, last I checked.”

“And all the Dark Matter was swept into the containment area?”

“Uh huh.”

“And all the races are in their proper dimensions?”

A brief moment of hesitation, then a tight, “Mhm.”

Thallion walked slowly across the Observatory, his robe shushing across the surface of the smooth, gleaming floor. “Nex…” he clapped a hand on Nex’s shoulder and spun him around to look in his eyes, “You’re missing the human race again, aren’t you?”

Panic flashed across Nex’s face, then was replaced by a sheepish grin. “Sorry?”

“NEXUS AURELIUS OBERON! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU TO KEEP AN EYE ON THE HUMANS?” Thallion thundered, his booming reproach filling the room and shaking the enormous telescope.

“I’m sorry!” Nex wailed, “They’re just so curious! I can barely keep them in the third dimension, they keep discovering ways out! Then I have to wipe their minds, and remove their research, and then they just start it up all over again! Can’t we just let them--”

Thallion straightened up. “NO, Nex!” he snapped. He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a calming breath. “We can’t. Not until they’ve advanced to the point where they can survive in another dimension. Until they have the proper technology, we’ve got to keep them where they’re relatively safe. They have enough problems with each other, the last thing they need is a whole new race to deal with. Find them. Put them back. Perform a planetary memory wipe.”

Nex sighed. “Yes, sire.” He pressed his eye to the telescope and began switching dimensional views. 

Thallion shook his head and ran a hand through his wild white hair. Never a dull moment with that kid. Those poor humans. 


And there you have it! My take on things. XD Well, that was certainly fun to write! I highly recommend joining! Just hop over to Ashley's blog and leave your link in the comments of the corresponding post, unless she's gotten a linky working by the time you get over there. :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Book List - Matthew Squeakly (again)

Way back in the infancy of my blog (yes yes, my blog is still a toddler, I know that, shush), I was making posts about all my old stories. I only did two of them, then stopped for some unknown reason. Which is not unusual for me.

But! I wanted to continue, because what could make you (the reader) feel better when you're down in the dumps about your own writing (which is fantastic, btw) than laughing at the stupidity of my old writing attempts?

Last time, I despaired that I couldn't find numbers 2 and 3 from my list. BUT JOYOUS DAY, I FOUND THEM RECENTLY! So I can regale you with actual lines from this "book." XD

Oh, look! I'm finding new details already. In the last post I made about this story, I said that Matthew Squeakly was a mouse. Well I was wrong, he's a hamster. And the subtitle is "A Hero is Born," and the subtitle under THAT is "Episode 1." EPISODE ONE, GUYS. How long was I planning to make it? And how hilarious is it that I couldn't even get through the first episode? X)

By the way, that makes the full title look something like this:

The Adventures of 
The Hamster
A Hero is Born

And look at this, each chapter also has a title!

Chapter 1: A Day at School
Chapter 2: Crazy Plan, Crazy Mouse (w-wait, NOW he's a mouse?!?)
Chapter 3: A Rat's Trap
Chapter 4: Are Seed Booths Unfair? (WAT?)
Chapter 5: New Friend
Chapter 6: Not my Girlfriend! (That's definitely an 8-year-old type thing to say)
Chapter 7: Warrior (Well that escalated quickly)
Chapter 8: The Tradition (this chapter received half a page of scrawled text, and that's as far as I got)

Lemme break down each chapter for you:

1 - Matthew and his friend Mark decide at recess that they will go and catch the jewel thieves that are on the loose, because A) the police are useless, and B) AND I QUOTE, "It's about time I had an adventure, anyway!"

2 - Matthew and Mark plan their caper with stimulating conversation such as,
"AHA! I've got it!"
"What is it?"
"A plan!"
"Tell me! Tell me the plan!"
They decide to meet at the olive grove at midnight, go to the old mill where the robbers are hiding out because THE NEWS ON THE RADIO THAT MORNING THAT AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD HAMSTER CHILD WOULD TOTALLY LISTEN TO SAID THAT THE ROBBERS WERE HIDING OUT THERE. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE YOU GUYS. These children are going to board up the windows and doors so that the robbers can't get out, and then call the police on Mark's cellphone. Oh! OOHHHHHHH THE GENIUS! I'M IN AWE.

3 - At 11:59, M and M snuck through the trees, approached the windmill (yes, windmill. By they olive grove. WHERE THE HECK DID I GET "OLIVE GROVE" FROM?!?), and waited for the thieves to go to bed, which happened at 12:30. Lucky them. M and M set to work, and were magically finished sealing the rats inside after six capitalized "bangs." It went a little something like this (actually, it went exactly like this, this is an exact quote):
"What the?!" the rats yelled. "What is that?" They where to late. (ah, love that 8-year-old spelling. End quote, also.)
By 1:00, M and M were back in bed and the rats were in jail. Police procedure doesn't take nearly as long as people think it does, apparently.

4 - By this time, a whole 7 hours later, everyone at school had already heard about their heroic feat, and wanted M and M to tell them about it. Apparently our "heroes" decided to MAKE A PROFIT FROM THIS and charged seeds (hamster/mouse currency, I guess) before they told the tale. Nothing came of this chapter, and no answer to the titular question was offered. This chapter was a non-event.

5 - Suddenly, SUMMER! Mark's family was off on vacation, and Matthew was lonely. Then, he meets a mouse girl (yes, this one is ACTUALLY a mouse) named Lisa, they played together, everyone was very happy, yay.

6 - Mark came back, all three played together, yay friends. School came around again, and "there were rumors going around that someone had a girlfriend." Which, I suppose might be a big deal in elementary school? I don't know. Homeschooler, over here. Anyway, it's revealed that people think that Matthew and Lisa are an item, which enrages Matthew, because there's nothing on this earth worse than being in a relationship. We don't see Lisa in this chapter, so we don't know what she thinks of it. Then the chapter's over.

7 - Oh look! It's the day before Matthew's 12th birthday. So maybe I WAS older than 8 when I wrote this? But I'm almost certain I wasn't 12 yet.... maybe I was 9 or 10? Whatever. I was too young to properly construct a book. Anyway, school is a bore, Matthew can't concentrate, the day is finally over, Matthew can't sleep, finally it's morning, and Mom and Dad Squeakly are waiting for Matthew with two special presents. Lo and behold, they are a shining sword and a green hat (sort of a cross between Peter Pan's hat and Link's hat). Oh gosh. This next quote. "Matthew was speechless. Matthew the everyday hampster (yes, hamPster) had become Matthew the warrior!" A sword (and a hat) does not a warrior make, younger me. What's your issue?

8 - I'll give you this chapter verbatim, because it's quite short:
In this town, there is a tradition, that, when a boy becomes of age, they are to recieve a sword and hat. They are to practice until the can use the sword to fight and defend themselves and others. Then the are to travel the world, and fight


And that's it. That's where the book ends, spelling errors and all.

I feel like this post is way too long for the subject material, but I couldn't stop quoting this stupid thing. XD Ah, my childhood. Well anyway, look forward to the next book on the list, which I wrote around the same time, but a little later. So if I was 9 for this one, I was 10 for that one, etc.

Do you have any stories from years gone by that make you laugh and/or cringe? Do tell, I'd love to hear about them. ;)