Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Book List - Two for the Price of One

No, that's not the name of a story I wrote. The next item from my Book List was just too short and lacking of substance to make a full post by itself, so I tacked it onto another story's post. Lucky you?

#6 - The Mysterious Man in Black

This is a book I wish I still had. I've looked for it, but I can't find it. I remember it had a pink construction paper cover with a crayon drawing on it, and on every other page was an illustration of something happening on the preceding page.

WAIT OMG I FOUND THE COVER! Just the cover, tho:

I think this was actually a second, separate cover that I made bc I lost the first book, which had the cover stapled to it. Well, whatever. It gives you a sense of the original. Although I don't know why this one has a safety pin stuck through it.

I don't remember much of the story. All I know is that it focused on two girls, who were either sisters or best friends, and that there was some dude following them? The Mysterious Man in Black, you see. Not following them in a creepy way (well, I guess it was still creepy), but in like a, "I'm a spy and I'm going to recruit them" type way?
I actually, really cannot remember anything except that the first sentence had like 9 adjectives in it. Or some crazy amount like that. "It was an (adj) (adj) (adj) (adj) (adj) (adj) (adj) (adj) (adj) day outside." My dad got a kick out of that, as I recall. XD

And....yep! That's all for The Mysterious Man in Black. Or, The Mystery of the Mysterious Man, if you will. We're still looking for the book itself, actually. I'll come back and make some edits if we find it. :) Fingers crossed!

#7 - The Invisible Island of Dragons

That wasn't the name of the book; it was an unnamed story, like most of the rest.Here's my little plotty notes (although I swear I had a different blue page with MORE written on it than this one? Oh well):

And. . . here's the story. *sigh*


The beginning (Hey look, chapter names that aren't totally ridiculous!)

Most stories begin with 'once upon a time,' right? (n...not really?) Not this one. (how special.) No, this story begins in today's world, right in the center of the stretch of ocean between Hawaii and Mexico. (Soo in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Obviously I couldn't be bothered to look up which ocean was which. And why in that very strange and specific stretch?)

Our story starts in the village of Weshi. (Weshi? I thought it was Avin, according to the plotty notes?) Weshi was one of the few villages that rested on Zabor, the ghost island. Called the Ghost Island because of its transparant consistency, no one but those born on it or blessed with the Gift could see or touch it. (I feel like I have questions, I just can't comprehend them right now.) Ships would simply pass through it. However, this always resulted in an earthquake. After an earthquake, everybody helped everybody else tidy up their homes. There was one boy in Weshi that loved to help people more than anything else. This boy's name was Jerok, though all his friends called him, simply, Jer.

One day, after an espesially big earthquake, Jer was helping Garel (THE NAMES IN THIS THING, I SWEAR), the village elder, clean up his hut. He was just putting the old man's water jug on its stand when he heard the beating of large wings. He stepped out of the hut and looked up. (Huts, tiny villages, water jugs. Remember back when I told you I was obsessed with old fashioned ways of living?A large blue dragon (AND obsessed with dragons?) with an orange ridge along his back was lowering itself into the clearing in the center of the village. Jer looked on cautiously, as did the other villagers.

"Which of you is called Jerok?" the great beast rumbled. Timidly, Jer stepped forward, his slight form trembling.

"I am Jerok."

The dragon eyed him suspicioiusly."You are very small. (Rude?) No matter. Come with me, boy." With this the dragon crouched down. "Get on my back."

Jerok climbed onto the spiny ridge on the dragon's back and held on tight as they took off.

"What is your name?" Jer asked. 

"I am called Talon." 

Talon. Appropriate name for a dragon. (I don't need your sass, younger me. I have enough for the both of us.) "Where are we going?"

"To my home, the Pass of the Black Mountains." Talon replied. "My brothers, Kebour and Leku, are waiting for us there." (Again, names. I think I spent more time on the names than on the actual story)

They flew in silence the rest of the way. Jerok took this opportunity to survey the landscape. Hundreds feet off the ground, he could see most of the island. Dark green forests, pale yellow wheat fields, and deep blue lakes spotted the light green and brown of the land below. Sparkling blue rivers crisscrossed the ground, splitting it up rather like a large checkerboard. He noticed the village of Sadori, which was north of Weshi, and Anahi, which was east. Soon something came into veiw, big and dark and menacing. The Black Mountains. (I led myself to believe this island was tiny. Now I'm telling me it's huge enough that these enormous mountains can't be seen from the village??)

Talon landed on a large black platform. Waiting there were two huge dragons, one red with shimmering golden wings, and the other, black, with deep purple outlines on his wings and tail. Jer slipped off Talon's back. Quaking with fear and wondering what to expect, he waited.

"Welcome Jerok." rumbled the red dragon. "My name is Kebour. We have been expecting you."

A thousand questions pummelled his mind all at once. How do they know my name? Why were they expecting me? How did they know where I live? What will they do with me? And why did it have to be me? Dragons, he knew, were very unpredictable. They could be friendly, or ferocious. Gentle, or nasty. "What do you want?" he squeaked. (If you're afraid of these guys, that's probably the LEAST respectful and LEAST intelligent way you could ask that question.)

The great dragon chuckled, making the ground vibrated beneath them. "I suppose you ought to know. (No, no. Just drop me off on this mountain and leave me in the dark.) Have you ever heard of the Jewels of Darconia?"

"Darconia? You mean, the Jewels of Darconia?" (Yes, like he JUST said, TWO SECONDS ago. Oh, I was supposed to emphasize the "the"? Well, maybe younger me should have specified that.) Jerok knew the Jewels he was talking about. They were two beautiful blue crystals, set in silver circlets. One held the power to create anything but a living being, and the other held the power to destroy anything but a soul. (What the HECK? That is HARDCORE! I take it all back, this story had potential.) They were said to have been made thousands of years ago, in an ancient city called Darconia, hence the name. (I want more information on these things. Like exactly how and why they were created, and by whom.)

Kebour nodded his massive head and chuckled again. "Yes, my small friend. How many Jewels do you think there are?"

Jerok resisted the urge to roll his eyes. (And I'm rolling my eyes at YOU, Jer Jer Binks.) "What about them?" he questioned.

The mighty dragon's gleaming eyes grew angry, though Jerok thought he saw fear there as well.

The call 

"Stolen?! B-but that's impossible!" Jerok momentarily forgot his fear of dragons as he burst into an angry tantrum. (Get ahold of yourself, Jerry) "They're hidden deep within the Temple of Secrets, guarded by the Knights of the Dragon! Men who have trained their whole lives for the soul purpose of protecting those Jewels! (Um, why don't the dragons just guard the jewels themselves? What else are they doing with their lives, exactly?) Men of strength, courage, and valor!" here Jerok paused to catch his breath, then launched into another tirade. "Hundreds of them! Armed with swords, spears, bows and arrows! Some even have axes! (Wow. Axes, you say? They spared no expense, then.) They're always there, constantly on guard! No one can get in without being seen! And one has been stolen?!" (CHILL, JER! THE DRAGONS KNOW ALL OF THIS ALREADY, THEY DON'T NEED YOUR EXPOSITION)

Kebour waited patiently until Jer was finished ranting. "I am as upset as you are, Jerok. We don't know who stole them or when they stole them. But we know that they are very strong and very, very deadly. Many of the Knights were found dead in and around the Temple. There was a strange metal object in each of them, sometimes more than one." (OH MY GOSH I JUST REMEMBERED WHAT THAT IS! 

Jerok staggered backward and sat down. A Jewel, gone. Many Knights, dead. He sat there, trying to wrap his mind around what he had just heard. Then a thought struck him. "If they got one, why didn't they take the other one?" 

"As soon as the Jewel was removed from its pedastal, the Temple started to collapse." (How Indiana Jones of me) said the black dragon in a low, mellow voice. Jerok blinked. The second dragon, Leku, (third dragon, actually, thankyousomuch) had been so quiet Jer had forgotten he was there. (Haha, that's because I, as the writer, forgot he was there) 

Leku continued. "Unfortunately, the invaders were too quick and too clever. They escaped with their lives, and the Jewel." (HOW, THO? AND HOW DID THEY GET HERE? HOW DID THEY KNOW ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? And--wait a second, what do they mean they don't know WHEN the Jewels were stolen? Gunfire and a temple collapsing? Wouldn't you have maybe NOTICED THAT???)

Jerok felt numb from what he had heard. It was just too much! "Why did you tell me all this?" he asked.

"Because we need your help." Kebour replied.

"My help?" Jerok repeated incredulously. "I'm the smallest person in all of Zabor! (Of COURSE you are.) Shouldn't you choose someone bigger?" 

"We chose you, because you have a gift." Leku stood and stretched. The wind he made as he ufolded his wing almost knocked Jerok over.

"The Gift?" (I assume everyone born on the island has The Gift, or else they'd live their lives in fear of falling off the edge. Actually, they would just fall through it immediately.)

Kebour sighed his impatience. (Now it's YOUR turn to chill, Kebour. You were so patient a minute ago. Give the kid a chance; it's only the third page and you've already given him his life's mission, geez.) "Not The Gift. A gift. You have the ability to read another's mind simply by looking him in the eye." (I think I stole that from The Shamer's Daughter. I stole that so hard.)


Aaand that's where I stopped. Ok, so, this story still lives up to my legacy of stupid, but it's actually a little better than I remember. I totally forgot about the Jewels, and the "modern man stole it with bullets" plot twist that was supposed to come later. Now that I think about it, I seem to recall some plan to make Jer visible and have him hunt down the thieves on the mainland? Or maybe he stayed invisible? That would be cooler. Hijinks would ensue.

This post has run pretty long, thanks to my "twofer" deal, so I'm gonna leave it here. Hopefully I can find The Mysterious Man in Black later, and who knows; maybe someday I'll tackle the Invisible Island again, and make it live up to it's potential. 

Probably not, though.


  1. This is awesome! I like the Indiana Jones style twist. Seriously, if you're going steal ideas, always go with the classics. ;) I do rather like the modern guy invading the medieval island with his gun. That's pretty cool. And of course there are no questions about how our little Jer didn't know he could read people's minds. You never know you have a gift until the wise dragon says so. XD

    I love how you go through your old childhood stories. I might have to do this sometime. . .

    1. Gotta love Indiana Jones! XD And OMG HAHAHA I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT!! He would TOTALLY have known about his "gift" before this point, wouldn't he?! Unless he's lived his whole life without looking anyone in the eye! Ahaha that is both the best and the worst. XD

      DO IT DO IT DO IT! :D

  2. The Mystery of the Mysterious man made me laugh. I love the illustration:P

    I hope you find that story someday!

    1. LOL my creativity at (blank) age was clearly unparalleled. XD Thanks! I hope so too, but it's a thin hope. We've already looked pretty much everywhere. :P X)

  3. You critiquing your younger self is the funniest thing. i love it!

    1. LOL thanks!! My sarcasm cannot be tamed. XD