Monday, 25 April 2016

My 100th Post and an Unexpected Find

If I had a dollar for every post I've made on this blog so far . . .

100 posts. I wanted to do something to celebrate, but what?

I've no idea.

So, in lieu of a celebration, here's something I found when I was looking for The Mysterious Man in Black story. I actually found, WE ACTUALLY STILL HAD, the first story I think I ever wrote.


On The Small Red Home? . . . Well, alrighty then. Let's get into it, shall we?

First off, I must have been older than I originally thought when I made this. The spelling and writing is almost decent. Maybe I was 6 or 7 instead of 4 or 5? I have absolutely no idea. Eh, it doesn't matter, let's continue.


Once upon a time, there lived a family of four. They lived in a small red house. This family lived on a farm. they had cows, pigs, chickens, horses & a lot of work. Well, they woke up one day felling very mad! They stomnt (STOMNT. STOMPED YOU GUYS. STOMNT.) to breakfist, the stomnt to lunch, & they stomnt to supper. once, they got so mad they throo there lunch in to the air, and pored there milk on the floor!! Oh my! (OH MY. YES, THAT WAS IN THE STORY. THAT'S FINE.) 
*new page*
Things did not go well on the farm, everyone was very very very mad! (How mad?)
*new page*
But, the family woke up one day, and . . . they weren't mad! (Mmf. Dat conflict resolution, tho.) and they lived happlly ever after!
(by Rach)
*new page*
The end



So, here we have a bunch of growling and food-throwing, as well as random mixes of pencil, pen, and crayon writing.

Here we have a family that changed skin colors between scenes, and a house that went from a cottage-type place, to a townhouse-looking thing. Also, look at that tree to the left. What a trunk. What happened to all the leaves, there's barely any covering that massive stump.

And then we have THIS on the back:

A . . . horse . . . creature? Roaring? Chasing two people who look like they're having a grand old time while saying "run" quite calmly, dashing into a . . . purple house. Not the red house. This one is purple. Are these prankster neighbor kids, who's idea of fun is to run onto our farm and get chased off by our roaring monster horse? The world will never know.


Well, that was entertaining. But not quite enough for my 100th post. Let's see, how about some of your favorite posts by pageview?

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Also, I might get Sunny to help me redecorate my blog, and make it all pretty, and perhaps easier to read. What do you think? What changes would you like to see? Er, by the way Sunny, you're ok with that, right?

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me for 100 different ramblings so far! Here's to 100 more, I guess?


  1. Gosh, I could not stop laughing! The conflict resolution is strong with this one. ;)

    CONGRATS! A hundred posts is awesome!

    Also, forewarning, I'm about to tag you with a tag. Or elect you for the Dragon Loyalty Award. When I actually post it. . .

    1. LOL ah, young me, and my young ideas. XD

      Thanks!! :D

      Well, I'll just have to do that then, won't I? X)

  2. I love that you have stuff that goes back to when you were little, I wish I did. It`s so cute!

    1. Haha, thanks! It's definitely entertaining. XD

  3. Happy 100! I LOVE THAT STORY. If only my problems were solved that easily. "And one day Emily woke up, and she DID have a book deal and a solid future plan and an unlimited book buying budget, and she lived happily ever after."

    I remember that favourite characters tag! You tagged me for it too. I liked writing that post. Tags are a joy (sometimes). And I miss SWC! (Which is now Starting Sparks, because when SWC finished I bullied Ashley into continuing it with something I co-hosted. Neat right?)

    Blog redesigning is so much fun! Personally I find white on black quite hard to read. That is my follower input. (You're welcome ;) )

    100 more! ~clinks glass~

    1. Thanks!! :D Haha, yeah, I feel that. XD

      Ahhh, summer writing camp. That was so much fun! I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with Starting Sparks. I've only done like one of them so far. X)

      Thank for the input! Do you have ideas for what might be easier to read? Black on white? A colored font on white? Something else? Let me know! :D

      Thanks again! ~clinks glass~

  4. Of all the fetus-y stories of yours that you've shown me, I'm not sure I'd seen this one before! I DIED! SOOO funny. I love your little sidenote additions to your story, hahaha.

    1. LOL I gotta get salty with my old works, or I can't cope with them. XD